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There are no active IT issues at this time.

May 16, 2022: IT was aware that scanning to folders from some scanners was not working.  Our printer vendor (Meritech) was engaged to fix the issue.  As a workaround, users could scan to their email address as a workaround, as scanning to email was not impacted.

April 2022: IT was aware of an issue with Outlook and Teams freezing/crashing when trying to browse to attach a file to a new email/upload a file to Teams, or when trying to save an email or attachment to a network share drive.  IT Engineering investigated and worked to implement a permanent fix for this Microsoft issue.  The issue was resolved by Wednesday, May 11.  The following workarounds were recommended while the issue was being fixed.

  • Workaround #1: When you click the Attach File (paperclip) icon in a new email, you may be stuck on a "Connecting" screen that lists the path to your U:/ drive.  Some users have had success clicking "Cancel" three times, then the Browse window will finally appear and let you select the file you wish to attach.
  • Workaround #2: To prevent Outlook or Teams from freezing up when going to attach a file, do not click the “Attach File”/paperclip button in a new email.  Instead, open a folder to the G:/ drive or U:/ drive (wherever your document is saved), and click & drag it over into the new email/Teams chat message to attach it that way.  It should not freeze up using this method.
  • Workaround #3: For now, IT recommends use of the Outlook Web App: (also listed on the IT tab of the intranet, a blue icon)  This web version of Outlook does not have the same issue with attaching files as the desktop version does.  If you are looking for more stability or find that the first workarounds listed are not working, this would be a good route to go.

               For the web version of Microsoft Teams, click here:

September 28, 2021: Employees unable to use had to switch to the Columbus VPN (  As of 8:45 am, connectivity to the Lakewood VPN has been restored.

August 2, 2021: Scanning & CardWiz Issues - Resolved 08/02/2021

IT is aware that branches are not able to scan to email or access the CardWiz site at this time.  As of 1:00 pm, both issues were resolved.

July 28, 2021: Columbus VPN Issues - Resolved 07/28/2021

Employees unable to use had to switch to the Lakewood VPN ( As of 9:00 am, connectivity to the Columbus VPN has been restored.

April 2021: Sophos File Transfer Message (informational only)

You may receive the following message when attempting to open or save a file that contains NPPI:

Sophos, our current antivirus protection, utilizes this mechanism as part of FMHC's data loss prevention policy.  You may click "Allow" to proceed with the desired action on the file.

April 28, 2021: Sophos Alerts - Resolved 04/28/2021

IT received reports about the following message popping up on users' computers.  It is safe to ignore and our engineering team has since suppressed most of these alerts so they will not appear as frequently in the future.


Description automatically generated

April 22, 2021: Email Delivery Issues - Resolved 04/22/2021

IT received reports about issues sending scans via email and sending/receiving emails in Outlook.  This was a known Microsoft issue worldwide and was resolved within a few hours.

April 21, 2021: Outlook Security Alert - Resolved 04/22/2021

You may have received the following pop-up when launching Outlook.

This message is from our new Exchange server for emails.  It is safe to click "Yes" to proceed.  Our engineers have since prevented this message from appearing in the future.

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