Polycom Phones - Basic Instructions

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Below are basic instructions for the Polycom VVX 500 IP phones, along with features specific to the AT&T phone system.

Basic Polycom Phone Features:

Volume: Use the - / + buttons below the keypad to adjust ringer volume when off the phone, and handset or speaker volume when on a call.

Do Not Disturb: To set your phone to Do Not Disturb mode, press the “DND” icon on your screen.  This will send all incoming calls directly to voicemail and will not ring your phone.  Press “DND” again to turn off.

Ringer Setting: To set your ringer type, press the Home button on the right side of the phone, press the Settings icon --> Basic --> Ring Type --> Default or your line --> select the sound you want to hear for incoming calls. Press the Play button to hear each one. Once you choose your preferred ringer, you can press it to get the check mark next to it, then hit the Home button to return to the main screen.

Recent Calls: To view recent calls, in the top-left corner of your screen, there is a clock icon. If you had any missed calls while away from your desk, it would show a red number indicating how many missed calls there were. Press the clock icon to scroll through the list of missed calls. Press any caller in the list to call them back. Press the left arrow icon in the top-left corner of the screen to return to the main screen.

For more tips and instructions on basic phone use, see the Polycom Quick User Guide: https://support.polycom.com/content/dam/polycom-support/products/voice/business-media-phones/user/en/vvx500-quickuserguide-uc-4-0-1-eng.pdf 



AT&T Phone System - Specific Features for FMHC and all affiliates as of March 2022:

See attached "Feature Guide" for a quick reference of Polycom desk phone key definitions.

Dialing outside number: Simply start with the area code (dialing 9 and 1 before the number is no longer required)

        Emergency: Dial 911

Speed Dial: You can set speed dial (“BLF” or “Busy Lamp Field”) buttons on your phone for quick access to call other employees. You can also see their current status (i.e. it will show you if their line is ringing, if they are on the phone, etc.). While you can set these buttons on your specific phone, it is best to have IT set these buttons for you in the phone system. If anything should happen to your phone and it needs to be replaced, your new phone will automatically carry over those same speed dial buttons.

Submit a Service Desk ticket and indicate how each speed dial button should be assigned (i.e. desired display name and extension number).  You may have up to ten BLF buttons on your phone’s main Home screen.

Call Parking: To park a call (place a call on hold where someone else in your group/department can pick up the call), simply press the Park button on the screen, then immediately note the indicated park location.  For example, it may state that your call is parked at extension *801.  You will need to let your fellow employee know that the call may be picked up by them calling *801 on their desk phone.  A parked call can be picked up by another employee at any location across the bank, even at a different branch or FMHC affiliate.

Voicemail: In the top-left corner of the desk phone screen, you will see an envelope icon.  If you have new messages, you will see a red number on that icon indicating how many messages you have.  Press the envelope icon to be immediately connected to the voicemail system, then follow the prompts to log in and check your messages.

To remotely check voicemails from another phone, call your direct work phone number, then press star ( * ) as soon as the call connects and you hear your voicemail greeting.  You will be prompted to enter your voicemail PIN to log into the voicemail system.  Check messages by pressing 1, or access Account Administration by pressing 2.  In Account Administration, you can record greetings, change your PIN, and turn Do Not Disturb on/off.

Greetings: To record greetings (i.e. voicemail greeting, introductory greeting, etc.), press the envelope icon in the top-left corner, enter your PIN at the prompt, press 2 for "Account Administration," then 2 to record greetings.  Press 2 again to record your voicemail greeting.

Call Forwarding: To enable call forwarding, press the Home button on the right side of the phone, then press the Forward icon.   Select when you want calls forwarded (all the time, when there is no answer at your desk phone, or when you are on the other line).  Then, enter the number to which you want calls forwarded, e.g. to your cell phone, starting with the area code (i.e. 2165551234).  Then, press the Enable button.  Calls will now be forwarded as indicated. 

Call Flipping: Ready to leave the office for the day, but still stuck on a never-ending conference call? Flip the call to your cell phone and hit the road! See the following link for setting this up in your AT&T account: https://support.ringcentral.com/article/9748.html

Once set up, you can hit * (star) followed by the assigned number for your cell phone.  e.g. If you have set your cell as the second option in your account in Call Flip settings, dial *2 during an active call and it will "flip" to your cell phone.

Texting & Faxing: Your AT&T account is automatically configured for sending and receiving of text messages and faxes via your work phone number. Use the Office@Hand app to send/receive text messages. Faxes may be sent via Outlook by following these steps: https://asecare.att.com/tutorials/sending-officehand-fax-messages-3309/ 

Conference Calls: You can set up a conference line through the Office@Hand app: https://asecare.att.com/tutorials/audio-conference-overview-and-uses-att-officehand-desktop-app-11752/?product=AT&T%20Office@Hand

Moving Phone Extensions: If you are working at a "hoteling" desk in a shared workspace, you should have a desk phone available to use.  Unlike other desk phones that may be assigned to a specific employee, this "Common Phone" or "Hot Desk Phone" will allow you to log in with your extension for the day.

To log your extension in to the phone, press the Login button on the screen, or call *90.  You will be prompted to enter your extension number and PIN.  (If your phone does not show a "Login" button on the screen, or if dialing *90 does not work and results in an error, please contact the Service Desk.)

When you are done for the day, you may press the Logout button on the screen, or call *91.  Alternatively, or if you happen to forget to log out your extension manually, your extension will be automatically logged out of the common phone after 24 hours.

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